Divorce Law

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Divorce Law

Divorce Law | Law Office of John Edwards - Orange County, CA

California divorce law can be complex, and it requires certain procedures and rules to be followed in order to successfully resolve your case. Although these rules were put in place to help both you and your spouse receive a fair settlement and resolution to the divorce, an experienced divorce attorney working on your behalf can provide an objective third party to work without the emotional connection you have to the case.

Depending on your assets, financial resources and family situation, a divorce law attorney will help you develop a plan to account for and fairly distribute your assets, determine if spousal support and maintenance is appropriate, provide financial protection for your minor children, and help craft a parenting plan that works for both parents, while protecting the needs and best interests of your children.

At Law Office of John Edwards, we are experts in divorce law. More importantly, we understand what a difficult and emotional time this is for you. Even if you requested the divorce and you strongly believe it is the right thing, separating your life with a person whom you have loved is uncomfortable at best, and can be overwhelming at its worst.

Retaining a compassionate divorce attorney who seeks to protect your rights while reaching an arrangement that serves everyone’s best interests can alleviate some of the emotional stress and worry for everyone involved.

In and around Orange County, CA, trust Law Office of John Edwards to guide you through your divorce with empathy and understanding, helping you reach a fresh start.

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