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Divorce Law

Divorce Law | Law Office of John Edwards

California divorce law can be complex, and it requires certain procedures and rules to be followed in order to successfully resolve your case. Although...

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Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law | Law Office of John Edwards

Whether your case is the result of a car or motorcycle accident, an injury sustained on the job, slipping in a business or commercial location, the...

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Criminal Defense Law

Criminal Defense Law | Law Office of John Edwards

The judicial system created by the United States constitutions provides protection for citizens suspected of or accused of committing a crime. However...

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Law Office of John Edwards in Santa Ana, CA is a law firm providing a full range of services to clients in the Orange County, CA area. Our law office provides experienced legal counsel and case handling for a variety of different types of cases including divorce, personal injury, and criminal defense matters, as well as representation on a variety of other different types of cases.

Personal Injury Law

An automobile or motorcycle accident or other type of unexpected injury can come unexpectedly and can create havoc in your work, family and personal life. Unplanned time off of work, unexpected medical bills and loss of income, interpreting insurance policies and claims procedures take valuable time and energy you could spend recuperating instead. Let our experienced personal injury attorney handle the details so you can focus on getting back on your feet.

Criminal Law

Whether you or a loved one has been accused of a misdemeanor or felony, you should take the charge seriously and obtain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. A conviction, even for what may seem like a minor offense, can have long and far-reaching implications on employment and financial opportunities. A highly trained criminal attorney will protect your rights every step of the way.

Divorce Law

While most people do not enter into marriage expecting it to end in a divorce, if you find yourself faced with the decision or have been served with the request for a divorce from your spouse, having a skilled divorce attorney on your side can help you make informed decisions and take appropriate action to serve your best interests and the other parties involved.

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