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The judicial system created by the United States constitutions provides protection for citizens suspected of or accused of committing a crime. However, the mere suspicion of involvement in a crime can be terrifying and overwhelming, as criminal defense law is complex and requires you to follow the rules specifically.

If you find yourself or a loved one faced with an issue related to criminal defense law, engage the services of an attorney immediately. Whether it is a misdemeanor or felony charge, the impact of questioning or being accused or charged with a crime can be extensive and long lasting. Felony and even some misdemeanor convictions can impact offers of employment, options for housing, and educational opportunities for many years into the future.

At Law Office of John Edwards, we are well versed in California criminal defense law, particularly cases related to impaired driving or felony DUI, assault, and a variety of other seemingly minor and major violations. Our seasoned criminal defense attorneys understand the intricate nature of criminal defense law, and we will aggressively seek justice on your behalf through every step of the California judicial process. Let us fight for your rights and seek justice while you are unable to fight for yourself.

In the greater Orange County, CA area, if you, a family member or loved one are being questioned in relationship to a crime, are facing criminal charges or are concerned you are under suspicion and may be arrested, contact Law Office of John Edwards immediately to protect and defend your legal rights. Securing a trusted and reliable criminal defense attorney early in the process is critical to ensure your case is handled appropriately to secure the best possible outcome.

We look forward to receiving your call. Do not delay to get the protection you need.

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