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Whether your case is the result of a car or motorcycle accident, an injury sustained on the job, slipping in a business or commercial location, the results can be significant. Your injury may result in lost hours and wages at work, may prevent you from doing your job altogether, and may have both short- and long-term effects on your health and well-being.

When you experience the trauma of an unexpected injury or accident, you must also handle the necessary paperwork for medical treatment, insurance claims and coverage, coordination of benefits and reimbursements. Personal injury law states that you may be entitled to compensation as a result of your accident or injury, and an experienced personal injury attorney can evaluate your case to determine how California’s personal injury law governs your specific situation.

At Law Office of John Edwards, our attorneys are well versed in personal injury law and will negotiate on your behalf for the best possible outcome. And if a settlement cannot be reached, we will aggressively try your case, seeking to secure compensation that will provide for your medical treatment and required care, both today and into the future.

While it is our hope that you never find yourself in need of expertise on personal injury law, if you or a loved one in Orange County, CA find yourself in need of legal counsel or the services of a personal injury attorney, contact us right away so we can help you protect your rights.

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